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Update by user Oct 12, 2018

Began treatment in April 2016. Still not completed.

Update by user Oct 12, 2018

October 10. 2018 Invisalign doctor wants documentation of reports to confirm TMJD diagnosis.

I know I have a TMJ issue and it was exacerbated by the use of chewies. The last 6 refinement trays never fit and was told to use chewies to help the tray be seated. They never fit properly. Why would my gaps open up with the refinements?

Because they were poorly made. My orthodontist says the invisalign lawyers might have to be involved. Fine. I demand a refund.

I didn't know there were two separate fees as I was only charged one and I didn't see a break down of what portion went to invisalign. I am getting reports. I went to 2 other doctors and also had jaw x-rays to see the extent my jaw is damaged. If it's not damaged - then the problem is my muscle being over used from wearing invisalign.

Which is very painful. Invisalign failed to correct my minor issues and instead created a bigger problem. I never denied my teeth "look" straight. It's how my mouth feels inside to me (overbite again and teeth no longer aligned) and the fact that my smile changed in a way that is not natural to me.

I refuse to accept this because so much money was spent, but more importantly the wasted time and effort. This was supposed to be a milestone birthday gift to myself. I'm taking this step by step now and hope to have my face and teeth remedied soon. It's just extremely frustrating to be stuck on hold with nothing getting better.

In fact, the 3 additional duplicate trays they made to "hold" my teeth while I do all this second opinion - do not fit either. This is crazy. My teeth have been reverting to a position that I'm not confident with. The trays were all supposed to be the same to hold teeth.

The fact is not even these trays are identical. They each pull in a different way. Not ideal for "holding" things. I don't know which one to wear?

The gaps have opened and back to "light contact". All I want is a complete refund so I can take my business elsewhere to be remedied.

Update by user Oct 03, 2018

I just wanted to clarify that I'm not seeking PERFECTION. I'm seeking a natural feeling and natural looking smile.

A mouth shouldn't feel this awkward. Yes my teeth LOOK straight. It's inside my mouth the issue remains. I didn't ask for my Gummy smile to be changed.

I liked my huge slightly gummy smile before I broke retainer and was talked into Invisalign. God please help!

Original review posted by user Oct 03, 2018

After 2 and half years my orthodontist refuses to do any more refinements and sent me to seek second opinion on how to proceed. This is not a $6k dollar smile.

It changed my face and the way I smile. I no longer have a natural feeling bite or smile. The gaps never fully closed and I'm getting *** about my age and my teeth have no where to move. This caused me to get TMJD (probably from too much chewies) and depression.

I can't believe my smile is worse. The most frustrating part- no one sees what I see and they definitely don't feel what I feel in my mouth. I'm going crazy. Just go traditional wire braces.

Nothing worth getting is not without sacrifice. The sacrifice of wearing invisalign was not worth it. Wire braces have complete control on tooth movement precision and they are fully activated 24 hours a day. Invisalign only active when the tray is on.

So much down time. Waiting weeks for trays is not good. I refuse to accept this is as good as its going to get. I now have to seek treatment for TMJD.

I expect a full refund from my provider. I never had a final retainer made and to me that's not completing treatment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Invisalign Clear Aligners.

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I agree with you. I was quoted a treatment period of 12 - 15 months .

After $6,200 and only 8 months of Invisalign treatment (2 of those months were spent sitting and waiting for new aligners to come in) my teeth are straight (somewhat) but my bite is completely off. My bite is completely shifted to one side so that I can't bite down or chew normally without having to shift my jaw; the 'overjet' is still significant; several teeth are misaligned; the mid-line between uppers and lowers is 1/8" off; one incisor is significantly pushed forward; the molars on the right side are significantly longer than the molars on the left side and one molar in particular is much longer than the rest.

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